The Cinque Ports club is a friendly members only club.

New members are invited to join the club in March, June, September and during the first three weeks of November.

Come and join in the fun at The Cinque Ports Club with events including Live Bands most Saturdays, Discos, pool, darts, bingo, Ladies night, cocktails, weekly poker nights, and children’s parties.

A covered smoking area with outside seating and a large function hall with bar for private hire available for members.

Why not come and have a look at what the Cinque Ports Club has to offer.

Annual General Meeting to be held at 8pm on Tuesday 5Th July 2018.

The Cinque Ports Club


The Cinque Ports Club in Uckfield is owned and run by it’s member’s for it’s member’s.

The Club provides regular live entertainment and social activities.

We have over 2300 members.

The Club has some great facilities including:

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday
11.00am - 11.00pm

Friday - Saturday
11.00am - 12.00pm

12.00pm - 10.30pm

The Club are now serving hot food between 11-2pm on Friday and Saturday lunchtimes.

Function Room

  • Stage
  • Large Projector Screen for TV and Presentations
  • Sound to light
  • Round banqueting tables for up to 100 people
  • Members can hire the Function room for private parties

Main Bar area

  • Three seating areas
  • Fruit Machines
  • 3 Plasma screens for live Sports

Pool Room

  • Digital Juke Box updated weekly with the latest music
  • Two Darts boards
  • Pool table

We can also cater for any occasion, Weddings, Parties you name it...


Membership costs £15 a year with a £20 joining fee.

Your membership actually buys you a stake of the club.

Therefore you are actually a part owner or stakeholder in the club. If the club was ever to close or be sold whilst your membership is valid then you are entitled to a share of the returns.

The Cinque Ports Club is owned and run by it’s member’s for it’s member’s and has no political affiliation to any union’s or outside parties.

Member’s are entitled to sign in two guest’s for a fee of £2 per session, £3 on a Saturday, special events could incur additional charges and their conduct is the member’s responsibility.

New Members

New members can join by filling in a form (obtainable from the club) in March, June, September and during the first three weeks of November.

The cost is £20 to join plus £15 for the year (£7.50 in November).

Local Charities

For the coming quarter the Cinque Ports club are pleased to announce their support of St Wilfrids Hospice. Collecting tins will be at the bar.

Contact Us

For all enquiries and on how to join us, please contact the the Club Secretary via the information below or by filling in our contact form.

186 High Street, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1AU

Click here for Google map.

For security reasons, please answer this simple maths equation.

Registered Company Number: WEALN00000256


Dear Mrs Cottingham

On behalf of the Uckfield Branch of The Royal British Legion I would like to thank you and Mrs Goodman for attending the Uckfield Remembrance Parade on Sunday 13th November and for placing a wreath for the Cinque Ports Club at the War Memorial.

I think the attendance this year was greater than last which was very encouraging, with more young people and service personnel joining us. The church itself was very full and the Service conducted by Reverend Wall was memorable.

I hope that you enjoyed the Parade and Service. Fortunately, the weather was kind to us.

Once again, thank you for your attendance at our Remembrance Parade and I look forward to seeing you both again next year.

Yours sincerely,

Norman Mayers

Dear Sue

Thank you very much for all you did on Sunday. It was super and everyone enjoyed it.

The food was lovely. Thank you also to your helpers.

Love from B & G

Hi Lynn,
Sorry this is a little after our party but we have been away.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for such a fantastic evening and all you did to help it go so smoothly. We all had a great time and your staff were so helpful and made the organising and running of the party on the night and beforehand so easy and couldn’t do enough to help us.

Many thanks
Jeanette and Pat

Dear Lynn,
Please pass on my thanks to the committee for allowing me to hold the Charity event at the club on Friday. Also I am very grateful for the waiving of the room hire.

Sue did an excellent job with the buffet and Danny kept us boogieing all night! I would highly recommend him.

Thank you also for your support and ideas for fund raising. To date £1100 was raised which is more than I hoped for. There are a couple more donations to be made. The people of Uckfield are a great bunch and the local traders were very generous with donations for the raffle.

I am deeply touched by all the support I have received.

Thank you,


5th May Something Else

19th May Perfect Harmony

5th May Something Else (Classic Rock)

19th May Perfect harmony 60/70/80's

2nd June Swagger

9th June R.E.M

23rd June tba

30th June Rick Bonner (Rat Pack)

7th July Instinct

21st July Back in Time 50/60/70's

28th July Foul Play

4th Aug Loose Change

Dates for your diary - coming up

22nd Sept Andy Brown

29th Sept Almost Elvis

3rd Nov Iron Tyger

22nd Dec Reload

31st Dec Back to Skool

What's on

Our Popular Quiz returns.

Put your wits (and reaction times) to the test in the company of our Quiz host Dan. There are few weekend activities as lively and fun as a Smartphone Pub Quiz so, get interactive and get down!

It costs £2.00 per person to play, up to 6 players per team and permitted you could take home one of our great prizes which are "cash prizes and monthly rollovers. Check out our Events Page for further information.

Confirmed times and dates for 2018: 19.70 to 22.30

15th July, 26th August, 23rd September 21st October, 18th November & 16th December.


Friday 3rd August Tickets available soon

Private Functions

We have a superb hall ideal for private functions, holding approximately 100 people. Circular banqueting tables and tablecloths available to hire. The hall has its own dedicated bar and catering can be supplied. For further details contact the club.

The hall charge is £75 for a Friday evening

£100 for a Saturday evening

£50 for a Sunday afternoon

Funerals are charged at £25

To hire the hall for private functions please contact the Club Secretary.

Corporate functions can be catered for in the hall as long as it is booked by a member of the club.

Day Trips

We organise day trips to Glorious Goodwood and the Dogs at Hove.

Golf day - Click here to see some pictures!

Any suggestions regarding future trips gratefully received.

Club Rules

The club shall be called 'The Cinque Ports Club' and the Registered office shall be at 186 High Street, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1AU


  1. The club shall consist of persons that may be elected in accordance with these rules.


  1. The purpose of the club is to provide recreation and refreshment for its members


  1. Members of the club shall qualify for admission under 2 headings
    1. Full members
    2. Life members. Full members invited by the committee, as and when they think fit because of special circumstances.


  1. Members admitted under Rules 4(a) or 4(b) shall have full voting powers


  1. A candidate for election as a member must be proposed by one and seconded by another member, on the nomination form provided.


  1. The nomination must be submitted to the Committee, who shall decide on election
  2. No person under the age of 18 may be considered for membership. No person under the age of 18 shall purchase or consume intoxicants, whilst on the club’s premises


  1. Every member upon election shall be furnished with a card of membership with his/her name thereon. The membership card must be provided whenever required by any member of the Committee or Steward.


  1. Persons may not be admitted to membership or be admitted as candidates for membership to any of the privileges of membership without an interval of at least 2 days between their nomination or application for membership and their admission, nor may persons becoming members without prior nomination or application be admitted to the privileges of membership without an interval of at least 2 days between their becoming members and their admission.


  1. The administrative and financial year of the Club shall be a period commencing on the 1st Feb to 31st of January of the following year.


  1. New members joining fee £20 plus £15 membership. £15 every year thereafter or such as may be determined at the A.G.M. This shall be due as soon as the member is accepted by the committee and this must be paid before the member is entitled to any privileges of the club; and subsequently on the first day of the financial year. Any member, who has not paid their subscription 28 days after it has become due, shall be considered in arrears and they shall cease to be a member. No member in arrears shall be permitted to use the club. Life members shall be exempt from this subscription. Membership cards must be collected within a three month period.


  1. Notwithstanding anything heretofore mentioned, intoxicating liquor may be supplied during the hours specified to members and Non members of the club attending functions that are authorised by the committee provided that:
    1. Such function is a function of the club.
    2. Such function is promoted by and the responsibility of a member of the club who is present at the function.

Such other functions not being provided by (a) & (b) hereof, limited to 12 functions in any one-year.


  1. The committee may expel from membership any member wilfully disobeying any of these rules or guilty of any conduct rendering him unfit in their opinion to be a member of the club, provided that before expelling a member, the committee shall ask him/her for an explanation of his/her conduct.

Any member expelled or ceasing to be a member shall have no claim on the funds of the club.


(a) The affairs of the club in matters not reserved for the club in general meeting or otherwise for the decision of the general body of members, shall be managed by the general committee (referred to in these Rules as ‘ the committee’ ) . The committee shall consist of four elected officers. (See Rule 22) and ten other members.

(b) The committee shall be elected at the A.G.M. Four of those elected to serve for a period of two years, the remaining to serve for a period of one year, by those members entitled to vote under Rule 5. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election.

(c) The following are not eligible to the committee: a previous committee member who did not stand a full term of office: any member that has previously been suspended or banned from the club.

(d) Voting shall be by show of hands or by ballot of those members present and in person, who have voting power.

(e) Every Member of the Club entitled to vote, shall be entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies to be filled and no more. The candidates up to the number of vacancies who shall receive the most votes shall be declared elected and in the case of two or more candidates receiving an equal number of votes the result shall be determined by the said candidates drawing lots. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt a Member to fill any casual vacancy on the Committee. The Committee shall have power to appoint a sub-committee or committee for special purposes.

(f) A quorum of the Committee shall consist of five members.


  1. At the first meeting of the year the Committee shall appoint from among themselves a chairman of the Committee. The Committee may at any time remove from office any officer and may appoint another in his/her space.


  1. The Committee shall meet at least once a month for general business. The Chairman of the Committee or other member in the chair shall be entitled to vote on any question and in the event of equal division of votes shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

BYLAWS (See rule 39)

  1. The Committee shall have power from time to time to make, alter and revoke bylaws for the internal arrangements of the club. All such bylaws, until revoked, shall be binding on all members of the club as if they were contained in these rules.


  1. The Steward for the time being shall carry out his duties as directed by the Committee and in particular shall :
    1. Exercise control over the playing of games
    2. Exclude from the club the remainder of the session any member infringing any rule or bylaw.
    3. Be responsible for maintenance of order in the club.
    4. Report to the Secretary all disputes and all breaches of rules and bylaws.


  1. The AGM of the club shall be held each year. Notice of the AGM the previous AGM minutes and the business to be transacted thereat shall be posted on the notice board of the club fourteen days before the date of holding the meeting, together with a copy of duly audited financial statements.


  1. Three members shall be appointed Trustees of the Club and shall have vested in them the real and leasehold property and investments of the club. They shall act in accordance with the lawful directions of the Committee, which shall be given to them in writing signed by the Secretary if they or any of them so require. They shall be indemnified out of assets of the Club in respect of any liability incurred properly by them as Trustees. They shall represent the Club in legal proceedings unless the Court or the Committee decides otherwise.


  1. The following officers (who must have stood on the General Committee for a two year period beforehand) and Auditor of the club shall be elected at the AGM.

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Auditor (who need not to be a member of the Club).


  1. At the AGM members may propose a new rule or bylaw or alteration or repeal of any rule or bylaw.

Any member may bring before the meeting any subject or proposal which relates to the affairs of the Club. Any such subject or proposal must be notified, in writing, to the Secretary at least seven clear days before the meeting.


  1. At the AGM the Chairman shall preside or in his absence the Vice Chairman, or if neither of them be present such member as may be elected. All members of the Club shall be entitled to be present at the AGM and may speak at the invitation of the Chairman

Voting upon any resolution or question put to the meeting shall be conducted within the restriction of rule five.

In the event of equality of votes the Chairman shall be entitled to a second or casting vote


  1. Special general meetings may be held at any other time upon the direction of the Committee or on the requisition in writing of any five or more members stating the purpose for which the meeting is required. Notice of such general meeting and the purpose for which it is called shall be posted on a notice board seven days before the holding of the meeting. Every member not in arrears with his/her subscriptions shall be entitled to be present at a special general meeting.


  1. The funds of the Club shall include all fees and subscriptions and shall be applicable for carrying on the Club in accordance with these rules and providing such things necessary and convenient for carrying on the Club for the benefit of the members.


  1. The Secretary shall, in addition to his/her other duties as specified in these rules, convey, attend and take minutes of all meetings and conduct the correspondence of the Club. On his/her retirement from office he/she shall hand over to his/her successor or to the Chairman of the Club all books, papers, etc. Appertaining to his/her office.


  1. The funds of the Club shall be kept in a bank approved by the Committee and no financial liability shall be incurred or payment made without the authority of the Committee where the amount exceeds £50. The Treasurer shall receive all monies payable to the Club, including subscriptions of members, the payment of which shall be entered in a subscription book kept for that purpose; shall pay all liabilities of the Club as directed by the Committee; shall keep a debtor and creditor account and prepare the annual financial statement immediately after the 31st January of each year. On retiring from office he/she shall hand over to their successors or to be the Chairman of the Club all books (after being duly audited) papers and cash belonging to the Club.


  1. Any member damaging or breaking any of the furniture or property of the Club, shall pay for the same, such sum not exceeding the value of the article.


  1. Every Member may introduce two visitors per session (except a person who has been expelled from or rejected as a candidate for the club) A visitor may pay for any drink or other refreshment in the club. The member introducing the visitor shall be responsible for everything supplied to him. Every member shall, on introducing a visitor enter the visitor’s name and address, as well as his/her own name and membership number in the book to be kept by the Steward for that purpose.

A visitor may upon nomination by a Member and following a Signing in fee of £2.00 all bar Saturday night when it is £3.00 or such sum determined from time to time, by the committee be elected to membership of the club as a temporary member for a period not exceeding fourteen consecutive days. The rules does not grant the temporary member any rights under Rules 5, 15 & 23.


  1. Members are entitled to bring children onto the club premises providing such children remain under strict control. Should this Rule be abused the member (s) responsible for the children will be approached by the Steward/Stewardess or a member of the committee and advised of the breach, if the member(s) continue to disregard the warning then the committee will have the right to take action which could result in the suspension of the faulting member(s).


  1. No petition of any kind shall be allowed to be presented in the club without the sanction of the committee. No member shall be allowed without sanction, solicit any member for any donation or subscription is a matter connected with the affairs of the club. No person shall be allowed to canvas in the club for any political purposes. No notice, bill or placard not connected with the club shall be exhibited in the club except by the secretary.


  1. No fighting, swearing, drunkenness or other conduct shall be permitted in the club.


  1. All officers shall be indemnified out of funds and property of the club from all losses, damages and expenses which may be incurred in their respective offices and services and no officer shall be personally liable for any loss, expense or damage incurred by or on behalf of the club, nor for any breach of trust or dishonesty on the part of any other official, but only that which arises from their own wilful act or default.


  1. Smoking is not allowed at the bar, any member continually ignoring this rule will be brought before the committee.


  1. These rules may be altered by a majority of two thirds of the members voting in person or by proxy at a special general meeting of which three clear weeks notice has been given.


  1. The club shall have power by a majority of two thirds of the membership voting in person or by proxy at a special general meeting of which three clear weeks notice has been given to borrow money for the purpose of the club and to authorise the Trustees of the club property to change that property as security for such borrowing.


  1. Any member dealing with the business of the club not covered by the foregoing Rules shall be dealt with by the general committee, whose decision shall be final.


  1. (a) No persons under the age of 18 shall be permitted to play the gaming machines
  2. (b) No pets will be permitted in the club
  3. (c) Only food and drink purchased at the Cinque Ports Club maybe consumed on the premises.
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